One problem for those managing social media platforms is finding relevant content. With the recommended posting frequency on a site such as Facebook being 5-10 posts per week, managers are often starving for good content to post. Fortunately, many tools exist to aid in this process.


One place to look is news sites. News sites can be of the more generalized form, and in that case, a keyword search will lead to a plethora of possible topics on which to post. One easy feature is setting up an RSS feed. These can be especially helpful when one is in a niche industry. This way, the relevant news can be brought straight to a user. Another is the meme generation sites. Many sites exist that allow users to either take a meme that’s already been created and repurpose it. Often if one is creative enough, the site will allow a picture to be uploaded, and from there the meme can be created. However, in most cases, users who utilize this option tend to use pictures and graphics that already exist. or are popular sites for this purpose.


For businesses that feel words are pictures are not an effective enough tool, another good source for content is video and gifs. Gifs are going to be the preferred choice in most cases, as the shorter excerpts tend to work better on mobile devices. Sites such as contain millions of gifs that users can choose from. Users can also upload a video and create their gifs, or for that matter, create a video to upload to a platform such as YouTube. Prose 4 SEO has some great tips on making a professional looking video on a low budget. Finally, if one is out of ideas, outside help can be hired. Businesses can outsource the content generation to social media consultants such as Prose 4 SEO who can maintain social media sites for a fee. If companies are facing extreme budget limitations, services can be hired to generate posts from existing internet content. This option would be lacking in creativity and might miss the topic completely if one is in a niche industry.


Businesses needing content for their social media sites have many options from which to choose. News stories and existing pictures and videos can be a great source of inspiration. Or if inspiration becomes a main driver in the search, memes, gifs, and videos can be easily generated. With all the tools available to inspire, the only limit to creating great social media posts is the outer expanse of the human mind.



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