Consumers and businesses have been inundated with choices of social media sites. Most business opt for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ given these company’s large followings on social media. Going beyond those four, using other social media sites depends heavily on the marketing needs of the business. One site marketers should look at closely is Pinterest.

Pinterest offers many benefits, the largest of which is users will more often buy with one post. “See it, like it, buy it” is a common theme. A prospective buyer will often see a picture on Pinterest and the way the site is designed, it’s very easy for a buyer to click on a pin and have the item ordered in just one or two clicks. Pinterest also tends to have an “addictive quality” to it. Users love collecting pins and sharing pins with fellow users. This tendency to share means pins that resonate with users are more likely to keep users informed about recent trends and ideally, go viral. As its reputation suggests, the audience tends to be female, though men are joining the site in increasing numbers. Pinterest users also tend to carry significant influence in buying decisions and tend to be larger purchasers.

Some words of caution. Pinterest works best when it’s kept simple. Keywords are still important, but avoid excessive hashtags or constant promotion. Remember, this is SOCIAL networking. Like with other sites, building a collaborative relationship with customers is still important. Images are also critical to Pinterest success. Customers tend to be emotionally influenced by the visual, pins that are simply text displayed in a plain manner are likely to get ignored. Also, assuming a blog is involved, don’t forget the Article Rich pin. This pin can display a small excerpt from a blog and add an image in a way that’s compelling to attract a click from the user.

Those who want to succeed in selling through social media should not ignore Pinterest. Its addictive qualities and ease of sharing make Pinterest the perfect platform for keeping up with trends and ultimately selling in as little as one click. With this marketing and sales potential, Pinterest is a platform no business should ignore.

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